Wii Bowling Perfect Game – five tips to defeat your friends

A bowling strike

My friends and I have been in the habit of meeting with our respective families for years. This happens at least two Saturdays a month.
After dinner, we dedicate ourselves to our common passion for video games, but given the presence of wives and children, we need quick, easy ones.
Wii Bowling meets both requirements.
The cheerful atmosphere of this Nintendo title makes games extremely fun and everybody can aim for final victory, after some practice.
In this article, I am going to give you some suggestions in order to improve your game and surprise your friends.

Below are my 5 tips to play the Wii Bowling perfect game:

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1. Make some room for shooting – your arm must be able to move freely

A Wii Bowling game

A Wii Bowling game

Move sofas, tables, chairs and anything that may limit your freedom of movement. Although
shots are only virtual, you need to execute them like real ones. I know, not only are we held back by physical obstacles, but also by our friends’ judgement. Some are quick to taunt you about taking the game too seriously. If this happens just remind them that you play for fun, but in order to have fun, you have to fully enjoy the game. So, if you cannot shape your shot the way you want it, it is better to change game.

2. Set up a shooting routine – counting footsteps or seconds

After making some room for yourselves and clearing your shooting area, it is time to focus on how to shoot.
In order to often bowl a strike, it is of fundamental importance to memorize the way we shoot a 10-pin. By doing so, we can mechanically repeat the same movements, paying attention to details in the process. In this sense, counting our footsteps or the seconds that we take to shoot will allow us to fine-tune our gaming style and turn into unstoppable snipers.

3. Use the d-pad – the small stuff matters

Wiimote with wrist strap

Wii remote control

Most of the people I have played Wii Bowling with only care about shooting hard. Basically, they think that power is everything. While it is safe to say that a powerful shot is likely to knock down more pins than a weak one, there is more than that. Using the d-pad must be part of your shooting routine in order to combine power and accuracy.

When trying to convert a spare, changing direction of a shot – even by one centimeter – can often prove decisive to knock down the remaining pins. More on the d-pad in my next paragraph (I am going to share a little secret).

4. Never stand in front of the 1-pin – straight shots do not exist.

I learned this after repeated losses. Whether you are right or left-handed, the bowling ball will always tend to slightly hook from right to left or vice versa. So, if you aim at the 1-pin with the intention of bowling a strike, use the d-pad arrows and place your Mii either slightly to the left or to the right, according to your favourite hand. Obviously, this goes even when you are trying to convert a spare: make sure you never stand in front of the pin or the pins you intend to hit.

5. Use a bowling ball to practise – no, you do not need to throw it into your TV

Bowling balls of different colors

I know it may seem strange, but practising with a real bowl can be of great help in order to learn how to properly grip a wiimote for shooting. Although they are totally different shapes and weights, they have something in common in the shooting mechanics. I reckon I have seen at least half a dozen different ways to grip a Wii remote control and most of such grip styles produce weak, missed shots.

So, If you own a bowl or you can borrow one for a couple of days, position yourself in front of your TV and use alternately the bowling ball and the wiimote. Obviously, you do not have to throw the bowl for real: just pretend to shoot – tweaking the way you hold it – and test your newfound grip with the wiimote. You will soon notice that this bizarre practice will bear fruit, despite the game being nowhere near bowling simulation.

I recommend using a carpet or a gym mat in your practice area, in order to cushion any accidental falls of the bowl, thus avoiding family fights. In addition to that, do not forget to wear the wiimote wrist strap, in order to prevent your controller from flying out of your grip and keep your environment safe

Ready to rumble? – your Mii and your friends will not believe their own eyes

We have come to the end of this guide and if you are still reading – rather than toying with a bowl – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you good luck with your future games. Actually, not much luck is needed, if you follow my tips. Just practise and expect quick, big improvements. Please let me know your friends’ reactions and go for the perfect game, you can make it!
Greetings from my Mii (currently on a 19-game winning streak)! 😀

My Mii

My Mii

I care to remind you that Wii Bowling is one of the five sport games being featured on Wii Sports by Nintendo.
So, whenever you want to change game or – better said – whenever your friends implore you to change game because they cannot take it any longer 😀 , you can choose among tennis, baseball, golf and boxing.

I am not too familiar with boxing and I dare say it is not that family-friendly, but tennis, baseball and golf can certainly guarantee hours and hours of additional family fun.

I have tried them all and guess what! I have a story for each of them, maybe more than one, considering that over the years I have arranged a variety of offline tournaments including Wii Tennis and Wii Golf.
Yeah, arranging video game tournaments is another passion of mine, but I am giving out too many spoilers today, no hurry! 😛
Soon, I will talk about the hectic tennis (doubles tennis is a blast), the relaxing golf and the all-for-one one-for-all baseball.

Apologies for this long but necessary PS. Stay tuned for more Retro material!


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6 thoughts on “Wii Bowling Perfect Game – five tips to defeat your friends

  1. Dave

    This is SUCH a good game!

    A close friend of mine has this and they live the next street over. My family and theirs get together all the time and we all (kids and adults) play this. We have such a fun time and the laughs are priceless. The Wii Golf is another good one too. So much fun when you can get a few people at a time playing and having fun.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      I totally agree Dave, so simple, yet so fun. Great atmosphere, tons of laughs, quality time spent together. We definitely cannot ask for more. I love Wii Golf too, so stay tuned for my next wii-related article, it may be about the best strategies to defeat your Wii Golf friends. 😉

  2. Kevin

    Ah this brings me back to when I used to invite friends or go to friend’s house to play Wii. Before we got Smash Bros and Mario Kart, the thing we would play most is Wii Sports. I would always win these games because I was the most athletic out of the group. Having athletic skills does carry into games but unfortunately gaming athletic skills don’t carry out to sports. I would often do very well in tennis and boxing because my pure timing was better than the rest.

    Bowling was always the most difficult on Wii Sports though. I’ll definitely take your tips into account the next time I play on a Wii!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Kevin, I appreciate your comment a lot.
      You got a point, athletic skills easily transition into games and gaming in general. In addition to my addiction (lol) to soccer, I also played basketball and I am a strong swimmer. Timing, physical condition (really useful in games like Wii Boxing) and if you – agree – the habit of competing can make a difference.
      I am glad that you found my guide useful, please stay tuned for more Retro articles!

  3. Chris

    Yeah I always used to be a power player when I took part in this with my mates – the harder the better from my point of view…although it doesn’t really work out that way all the time! 

    I quite like the idea of having a technique and steps set up like you would with real bowling – I never thought about practicng like that before. 

    Great article – thanks for the tips (and the memories!)

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Chris, no need to thank me, it is more than a pleasure to recall the old gaming times, it is me who should be thanking you for your nice comment.
      Correct anyway, like I said I have seen many power players getting soundly beaten by guys with a more technical approach.
      If you are playing unexperienced players, then the harder the better makes sense, but when the level of competition increases, then you definitely need to have a technique.
      Thanks again for stopping by and if you get a chance to play Wii Bowling soon, please let me know how it goes!


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