We are gamers volume 4 – Brian’s Man Cave

Brian of Brian's Man Cave

New month, new episode of the “We are gamers” series. Today’s guest is a retro gamer at heart and a YouTuber I really look up to. I enjoy his videos for a very simple reason: they take me back to my childhood. The guy has passion and is knowledgeable.
Are you ready to get into his man cave? Let’s jump in!

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1. Welcome Brian and and many thanks for accepting my interview for the blog. For a starter, please introduce yourself to RGL’s readers.

Hi there, thanks for having me! I am Brian of Brian’s Man Cave and I make videos on YouTube about various topics, mostly classic video games, retro toys and movies.

2. What was the first video game you ever played?

Astrosmash for the Intellivision

Astrosmash was later ported to the Atari 2600 as Astroblast

That is a tough one to go back that far, but if I had to guess it was probably Astrosmash! on the Intellivision.

3. What about the first gaming system you ever owned?

As a family our first Video Game console was the Intellivision which was probably around 1981-1982, I believe I was about six years old.

4. Were you an arcade gamer? If you were, what about your favorite titles back in the 80s / 90s?

I loved the arcades but when I was a kid I did not get to go to them very often. In fact it was mainly Chuck E Cheese for either my own or a friend birthday that I really got to play. During the 1990’s there was a small arcade at a local mall where I spent many quarters playing RoboCop and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There was also an arcade near my summer cottage that I went to every summer, there I was introduced to Chase H.Q. which became a favorite. Later on, I would also play at an annual exhibition which had some arcades and there I would mainly play Chase H.Q. as well.

5. I am going to name a few video game genres: please tell me your favorite retro title for each of them:

A) Adventure

That would be Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cloudy Mountain on the Intellivision. I spent many hours on that game and still love playing it today. I am also excited that its going to be out on the new Intellivision Amico.

B) Platform games

As much as I want to say Super Mario Bros (as it was the main reason I wanted a Nintendo back in the day) I am going to have to go with Impossible Mission on the Commodore 64, I spent many hours playing that game.

Another game is Donkey Kong which I first got introduced to on the Intellivision. I know it was one of the worst ports but for some reason I really liked it and Donkey Kong remains one of my most favorite platformers of all time.

C) Puzzle games

I do not play those too often, but if I had to choose it would be Tetris. I remember when that game came out and I wanted to play it so badly… Problem was that I had no system that could play it. It was not until I got my NES that I was able to rent the game and then eventually get my own copy. Then of course I eventually picked up the GameBoy which included the game.

D) Racing games

Chase H.Q. for the arcade

Gibson and Broady for life…

As I mentioned before, I loved playing Chase H.Q. at the arcades. I even got the game on the Nintendo GameBoy, which sadly is not as good.

Role-playing games

Another genre that I do not play often (mainly due to time) but I did really get into Dragon Warrior on the NES… If that counts.

F) Soccer/Football

Not something I really got into, but I do have those games for the Atari 2600, Intellivision and SNES. Just do not play them!

G) Sports games

That would be NHL 95/96/97 for the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. I also like Boxing for the Intellivision, Punch Out for the NES and Summer Games for the Commodore 64.

H) FPS games?

Another genre I did not get too much into but I did enjoy playing Doom back in the PC days when it was new!

I) Fighting games?

I always loved playing International Karate on the Commodore 64. I also liked Mortal Kombat 2 which I originally played on my friends SNES, then got it for my PC and eventually got it for my own SNES.

J) Any other games whose genre I did not mention?

Maybe shooter games, I do enjoy playing games like River Raid on the Atari 2600, Astrosmash! For Intellivision and Space Invaders on Atari 2600.

6. While growing up, what gaming system did you have the most fun with? Are you still a regular gamer?

The Commodore 64

I can perfectly relate to Brian… The love I have for the Commodore 64 is endless…

I grew up with the Intellivision, but the Commodore 64 soon took over and that is the system I spent the most time on. Not just playing games, but also programming in basic and trying to make my own games.

7. What is your relationship with the online gaming world? Do you play online with your friends/family members/random gamers?

Not a big fan. My only real experience with online games was when I used to play Magic: The Gathering (a Trading card game) online. Then I moved to playing another Trading card game called Yu-Gi-Oh!.

I am a big fan of real trading card games, and even did a few videos on my channel about them. Eventually I decided to create a second YouTube channel called Card Master Brian where I just focus on card games.

8. What are your finest memories related to video games?

The Mattel Intellivision console with some games

This console still holds a special place in many gamers’ hearts…

So many to choose… But most of my favorites where when I got new games for the Intellivision. I remember getting Donkey Kong as an Easter gift and was so excited I immediately ran downstairs and began playing it. I also remember getting Donkey Kong Jr for Christmas and then BurgerTime. Such fond memories!

9. What prompted you to start a YouTube channel?

I originally teamed up with someone who had a business that he called The Man Cave Cinema, he was selling Atari games and other Man Cave related items. At one point he convinced me to start doing a podcast (which at first I refused as I would rather just be the guy behind the scenes).

Once we did our first one, I realized how much I liked doing it so we did a few more. It was then that I came up with the idea that maybe we could get other people to make their own videos from their Man Cave to contribute. So to start I filmed my own video which I called Brian’s Man Cave.

It was just supposed to be a segment of the channel we already had together. Eventually I realized that he was losing interest in the business so I figured that I should create my own YouTube channel. The original business venture fell apart but the Brian’s Man Cave channel lived on.

10. What is the goal of Brian’s Man Cave?

Brian's YouTube channel: Brian's Man Cave

Brian’s YouTube channel: Brian’s Man Cave

I just want to keep making videos talking about things I like. I realized that there are many people who are in to the same things and really enjoy my content, so If I can keep it up I will.

11. Last but not least: any future plans or secret wishes?

It would be cool to get to a point where my channel can bring in a second income. That was never my intention, but its always a possibility. I also love meeting new people who share the same interests and I have done so many interviews with lots of great people… I just hope that continues!


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