Top Five Retro Game Shops Online – Hunting for (G)old Vol. 2

The Atari 2600 with a bunch of cartridges

Shopping online is always a gamble. Even with major websites, you do not always know what you are getting at the end of the day. When you are dealing with older items or things where the quality of being “new” is not guaranteed, you really have to pay attention.

Home is where the heart is – and when it comes to retro games – this could not be a truer saying. That is because you want to go to a retro gaming store that you can trust. Older video games are a very lucrative business, and you know what this means: fakes and phonies abound. But a good, reputable retro shop will weed out the fakes and keep the selection fresh and within your reach. Trust, community, and a deep catalog of awesome games are just a few of the aspects that bring us back time and time again to our favorite gaming stores.

Doing all of this online is an even tougher task, let alone ranking a list of favorites. Nonetheless, that is what I am trying to do here. I hope this list can help point you in the direction of some awesome stores and give you a lifeline to the retro gaming community that you might not have had previously.

As promised last month, here are the top five retro game shops online where you can currently get your nostalgia fix:

(Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that – at no additional cost to you – if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. For more info, please check my affiliate disclosure page.)

5. Gamebytes

GameBytes homepage

Image courtesy of GameBytes

Easily one of the best features about Gamebytes is that they are an online shop that supports the Centre for Computing History, a charity dedicated to preserving and archiving electronic art and history as shown in video games. If you need more of a reason, their vast selection and great bargains should be more than enough to bring you back time and time again. One of the specialities of Gamebytes is its broad selection of British computer gaming rigs and accessories. You will not find a larger treasure trove anywhere on the Internet. We are talking about Commodore Amiga and the Sinclair Spectrum, among others. There is even a section for the ill-fated Philips CDi project. They also have a selection of electronic gadgets and accessories, if you are into that.
As of press, due to little sales, they are moving their efforts to Ebay Charity, but their praiseworthy project deserves support and visibility.

4. Play-Asia

               The image contains an affiliate link

Play-Asia homepage. The image contains an affiliate link.

Image courtesy of Play-Asia

Those of you that have been in the game a long, long time know all about Play-Asia. Easily one of the best resources for all things Japan, Play-Asia offers products way beyond just video games with soundtracks, wall art, and others to name a couple. Plus it has had a presence online longer than most and has consistently offered top-notch service and selection. If you are looking for a Japan market game that you have been unable to find anywhere else, Play-Asia might be your new home on the Internet. Aside from that, Play-Asia should appeal to those gamers that look beyond games to anime, manga, and related media. You will be hard pressed to find a larger, more curated selection than what Play-Asia has.

3. GamewalhallaGameWalhalla homepage

Image courtesy of GameWalhalla

An awesome membership tiered program as well as gaming deals that you will not find on other sites, Gamewalhalla focuses on the mainline systems but offers one of the most comprehensive selections of games for each. Looking for something that is hard to find? Try searching Gamewalhalla for it. Like I said, the prices are competitive and the rewards program for members really helps set this store apart from the others.

2. DKOldiesDkOldies logo

Image courtesy of DKOldies

Focusing primarily on Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft, DKOldies offers a huge selection of retro games for the mainline systems and also gives its customers a great selection of bargain bundles and pricing options. Beyond that, DKOldies really takes a throwback approach to customer care with some of the best service you will find. In fact, you might be amazed at how willing they are to go above and beyond in helping their customers find whatever they need. Remember when we were talking about finding a home online? DKOldies tries to create that kind of welcoming atmosphere for its customers.


Special mention: eBay

                                The image contains an affiliate linkEbay banner. The image contains an affiliate link

It goes without saying that eBay is not a dedicated retro game shop. Given that, the online auction site is still a real contender when it comes to selection and pricing. There are a few caveats that come with shopping on eBay – such as you do not get the community feel that comes with the above stores – but you do trade that for selection and some killer deals. To each their own and eBay has no shame in their game, plus their buyer protection has you totally covered.

Special mention: AliExpress

The image contains an affiliate link
AliExpress Homepage. The image contains an affiliate link.Image courtesy of AliExpress;

Like eBay, AliExpress is not explicitly a retro store. It does offer a huge selection and occasionally has door-buster prices. Using AliExpress or eBay is a great alternative if you want to shop for things beyond gaming like clothing, antiques, and more. One thing that AliExpress and eBay do have in large quantities are consoles with games preloaded onto the machine.

1. RetrogamesRetroGames homepage

Image courtesy of RetroGames

Prepare to be blown away by the sheer selection of games on offer here. Retrogames is one of the oldest in the business and they quickly show you why when you first land on their homepage. Rivaling eBay in terms of selection, Retrogames also gives you the assurance of quality customer care and a company that truly stands behind what it is selling. Amiga, Spectrum, or Commodore, or any of the mainline consoles, there is nothing that Retrogames does not offer its customers. For beginning collectors or veterans of the nostalgia trade, this online shop offers both customers a place to call home.

Final thoughts – we can still bring back the magic!

Stars pouring out of a magic hat

A kind of retro magic…

No matter where you buy your classic games, you know you are part of a huge and growing community around the world. In an era where everything is coming to emulator or online retro arcades, it is nice to know that some establishments are maintaining the flame for classic consoles and games. Like any enthusiast, gaming history relies upon the passion for preservation that exists among its most dedicated fans, and this is something that all retro stores understand on a spiritual level.

About Andrew A.

Andrew is the founder and owner of RetroGamingLoft. He considers himself a natural-born gamer and is on a mission to keep our younger gaming years alive through the medium of Retro Stories. His event recount includes hopes, dreams, broken joysticks, magic, nostalgia and another final boss defeated.

12 thoughts on “Top Five Retro Game Shops Online – Hunting for (G)old Vol. 2

  1. Mike

    This is an interesting site. I’m not into gaming, never really have been. Oh, I’ve played Pong and PacMan years ago, but just never got into spending my time and money on them. Board games? Yes. Backgammon, chess, checkers? Yes. Card game? Check. And my favorite… pool as in billiards.

    I remember the beginning: Commodor Pet, 5 1/4″ floppies, 712 kb and 1.44mb diskettes, x286 chips, and all the first computers, like Sinclair, IBM, ATT, Xerox, Apple, etc.

    Now my sons, sons-in-law, daughters, etc, that younger crowd around me,certainly have immersed themselves in gaming. Hours and hours. War Craft. Guns. Civilization. Auto racing. Auto theft. Surfboarding, snowboarding, etc. 

    So, when I was researching for gaming gifts, I came across this site. I knew I could pick stuff up on eBay, but the article rightly puts it that you are pretty much on your own. That’s not something I would comfortable with. So, these others are alternatives. One of my sons loves anime, so the Japan site might be a good place to research.

    Overall, great information. Fun site. Nostalgia is great for oldsters like me who grew up in a different world. These items make out history a little more relevant. Something to share with the kids and remind them of their youth.

    Thanks for this article.


    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Mike, comments like yours make my day honestly.
      You are right, at the end of the day it is not necessary for you to be into gaming, it is the nostalgia factor and the desire to share and recall memories. Being and going retro goes beyond the sheer fact of gaming.
      As for eBay, the thing is that often you are one on one with private sellers who only want to get rid of their old belongings, but in case of dispute, eBay Customer Service has definitely your back.

      Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you stay tuned for more retro posts (new ideas and projects are coming).

  2. Derek

    Hello Andrew,

    Memories came flooding back when I saw the Atari console with Dig Dug loaded. That really takes me back. My son had one of those which he used to play on for hours on end.

    Thank you for listing the stores where these items are available along with the games to play on them. A great review for all retro gamers.


    1. Andrew A. Post author

      My pleasure Derek, happy to be of service!
      Seriously, thank you so much for your comment, it is very rewarding to know that I was able to bring back good memories. 🙂
      Till next retro article!

  3. Stella

    My thought was that every gamers will know the best site to get  their favorite games but I just realized now that everyone are not the same. Some gamers might have a disappointment with one online game shop and decided to look for another reliable alternative. That is where this list is very important. I am not a full time game enthusiast but I love to be around anytime my hubby is doing that. I could remember his last game shopping was from play Asia. Many interesting and pocket friendly games with motivating lyric and music are present there. Another option I can choose is gamebyte simply because of its proximity.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Stella and thanks for your comment, I am very glad that you found my post both useful and informative.
      Having reliable alternatives is of fundamental importance, especially in a niche like retro gaming.
      I did a meticulous research work for this post and I can vouch for every single company that I mentioned.
      Happy hunting! 🙂

  4. Linda

    Its articles like these that helps customers find the right legit shopping locations online with  the best valued products. Personally, I had never thought of purchasing video games or things such as these because its not my style; however, I have a friend who has so many of them! Its like a library filled with these. 

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Linda and thanks for your comment.
      I am glad you appreciate my post, I only try to help fellow retro-ers in my small way. 🙂
      It is very rewarding to receive compliments from people who are not even into gaming, yet find my posts informative.

  5. Chris

    It’s great to see so many sites jumping on the retro gaming bandwagon – most kids these days (including my own) have no idea how cool some of the original releases were from our youth. 

    As you know, I was a big ZX Spectrum fan (48k rubber keyboard) and I still long for another go on Manic Miner or it’s sequel, Jet Set Willy. The games are awful to look at now, but at the time they were completely mind-bending and original. Most of them didn’t even have a save function! (complete 40 levels then bang the table by accident…causing the computer to crash!!!!). 

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Chris, so glad to have you as a regular here. 🙂
      Yeah, it is great to know that we can rely on serious webshops for our retro purchases.
      No matter how the games look now, memories and nostalgia will always make them look beautiful in our eyes.
      Thanks for your comment, please stay tuned for my next retro post!

      Ps. I do know what you are talking about lol, my Commodore 64 datassette had very little “tolerance” for vibrations. One of my then friends would say: “Just look at it and it will stop loading!”
      Good, old, unforgettable times…

  6. Richard Brennan

    You’re absolutely right in what you say, Andrew, about the kind of things we need to beware of when we’re shopping for retro games, and you’ve given us some really good information here about how to avoid some of the potential pitfalls.

    Not every town has a retro game store and online is often the only option, and having access to a list of reputable online retailers really helps. I’m based in the UK, so gamebytes is where I’ll look in future.

    I’ve used Ebay up until now and have had absolutely no problems. While it’s true what you say about it not having that ‘community feel’, they have very strict criteria for their sellers and good buyer protection in place. But it’s always good to have another source whom I know I can trust after reading this article.

    Thanks for some really handy info.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Richard, thanks for your comment. I am pleased that you found my post both helpful and informative.
      As for eBay, I agree of course, If you get past the lack of community feel, you can get some excellent deals in order to satiate your nostalgia. 🙂
      Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you become a regular on my retro blog!


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