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My kids and me playing Bubble Bobble


My name is Andrew and I am the founder of Retrogamingloft.com.
It is such a pleasure to have you here!

I have been an avid gamer for more than 30 years. I reckon I have tried more than 5000 different games, ranging from arcade machines to personal computers and consoles.

I decided to build this website to help people reconnect with their youth, through the medium of games and consoles of yesteryear.

Fasten your memory belt, I am going to take you back to your heydays!

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I am a 41-year-old dad of three beautiful kids, aged 11, 8 and 3.
I have been married for nearly 15 years to a “holy” woman, who has always supported my incurable Peter Pan syndrome.

I hate growing old.

I compare my spirit and my energy to those of a teenager who has just got bought a new scooter.

Sadly, my ID card “friendzones” me on a daily-basis, but I have got a secret weapon to fight back the ageing process:

I have never stopped playing!

I am very much a family man and my favorite playmates are my children.
I showed them early the magical world of video games – with, obviously, special consideration for the classics- and I successfully turned them into gamers.

My eldest kid has already told me that one day he will write his retro gaming stories here on this very blog. Edit: that day was closer than I thought!

That is what I call “passing on a legacy”!

Outside of playing and writing about video games, I love… Playing again: playing chess, playing soccer (I was a promising central defender until I blew out my ankle), playing table tennis and playing piano.

I also enjoy traveling: every time we visit a big city, we waste no time in looking for some retro gaming stores. 😛


When we play retro games, it takes us right back to when we played them in the past.
By telling retro stories, I want to help people remember their carefree years and find a shelter for their nostalgia attacks.

Imagine this place as your parents’ loft: It is time to open up the chest and pull your old treasures out.

If you have any questions or if you want to share your retro memories, I encourage you to leave a comment below.
I will more than happy to read, discuss and help you out.


Retro gaming is more than just a hobby to me. When I play a video game from the past, it is like meeting an old friend who has accompanied me through the most important stages of my young life.

Although we have been away for some time, we have never stopped talking to each other and every time feels like the first time.

And this is the goal of Retrogamingloft.com: to get you to know my old friends!

I could never accept retro games being forgotten, it would also mean forgetting the carelessness and the zest for life of our heydays.

Every time one of my blog’s readers tells me I have made him feel young again and every time I bring a Generation Z guy closer to retro gaming, I feel like telling another story and sharing a new memory.

And so the legacy will live on…

Stay Young, Stay Retro,

About Andrew A.

Andrew is the founder and owner of RetroGamingLoft. He considers himself a natural-born gamer and is on a mission to keep our younger gaming years alive through the medium of Retro Stories. His event recount includes hopes, dreams, broken joysticks, magic, nostalgia and another final boss defeated.

64 thoughts on “About RGL

  1. Diane Wehi

    You have reminded us of a very important point here…To play and have fun! We get older and serious and life is no longer a joy.
    I believe it is very important to do something you love, that makes you feel good, that stirs up the imagination and makes you come to life. We are much nicer to be around too 🙂
    Stay young in heart my friend. That is what living is all about. That is what makes us greet each day with a smile 🙂
    As children we learned everything through play. Why does it have to stop?
    This is such a refreshing article and I enjoyed the memories that have come back to mind.
    Many thanks to you.
    Here’s to your success 🙂

    Di 🙂

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Diane,
      What a profound comment, I am flattered.
      I could not agree more anyway… Why do we have to stop playing? What are we left with if we stop playing? Mentally getting older and serious will result in our physical health going adrift.
      We only have ONE life. An old wise once told me: ” Life is a citrus fruit, just squeeze it until you get the last drop.”
      I tell myself every day: “We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
      And I add: “I am still a toddler boy, then! 😀 ”
      One toast to your success, one toast to your young, open mind!


  2. Christine

    Hi Andrew,
    Interesting story. I wish I love video games so I’ll not get old 🙂
    I never play video games but my adult children do.
    Your stories make me feel young. I will come back for more to stay young. ?
    – Christine

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Christine, happy to be of service.
      I use the medium of games to keep our younger years alive.
      The society we both come from no longer exists and in my small way, I want to preserve it and let the new generations know about it.

      Stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  3. Rob

    Hey Andrew, I remember playing video games non-stop! I got so hooked that I barely slept. It was so addicting but it was fun. It brings back some great memories.
    I think it’s great for you to get involved with your kids too. If I got back into it, I would be addicted once again.Happy gaming 🙂

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Robert, thanks for your nice comment.
      You are right, it is great sharing this hobby with my kids, family is a nice, fun place to live in.
      As for you, what were your favourite games or consoles back then? I would love you to let me know, maybe we spent some sleepless nights on the same games. 😀
      Stay around for more stories!

  4. Bailey

    Thanks for sharing your story, Andrew. I think you have a great goal of helping people reconnect with their youth. It’s fantastic that you can share this hobby with your children, too. You have a nice website going. Keep it up!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hey Bailey, thanks for your appreciation, that motivates me a lot.
      Yeah, the best part is having fun my kids. They also encouraged me to publicly share some memories. If I had played alone, this blog would have never existed.
      I hope you will keep coming for more!

  5. Jeffrey Meadows

    This is awesome, brings back so many memories for me. I started gaming on a Commodor 64 in like 1985. I’ve played all the consoles since and favor the Playstation. Great article, what a history lesson, so cool.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hey Jeffrey thanks for your nice comment.
      Looks like we come from the same gaming academy, hehe. My first home computer – and video game machine ever – was a Commodore 64 and I was crazy about Turrican and Microprose Soccer. Do you remember them? As for the latter, I had set up a goal, to win the World Cup with Oman! I never made it, but once I managed to beat Brazil under a heavy storm. What an achievement!
      Let us keep in touch!

  6. Shy

    Hi Andrew, I can easily relate to your story. I have been playing video games for at least the last 25 years, my where has the time gone.  I remember playing Zelda when I was younger now that Legacy has been passed on to my two daughters one is in her 20s and the other just turned 17 recently.  The old Spyro is going to be on the new systems.  My daughters and I had so much fun playing that game and a lot of other retro games. I miss those times, you are doing a great job in keeping our younger gaming years alive!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Shy, how nice to hear there are also other people trying to pass on their gaming legacy!
      I often wonder where the time has gone, but I try to stay as busy as I can in order to not think too much about it.
      My three kids give me a big helping hand taking up all of my leisure time, but I could not ask for a better company! 🙂
      I truly hope to hear from you again!

  7. Shane Black

    Hi Andrew, 

    I swung back around to learn a bit more about you and your blog and it was great to see that we have much in common. I too hate growing old and fight the monotony of work with playing games to transport me back to my childhood. I think too many people lose the sense of enjoyment and imagination/creativity that comes along with playing games. 

    Keep up the awesome work and keep making people feel young 😉



    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Shane, I am glad to hear from you again in such a short time span.
      Let me tell you one more time that I am so grateful for your genuine appreciation. It is one of those things that you just feel.

      You know, despite some bad real life situations, I was fortunate enough to fully enjoy my childhood and teenage years and I now I feel like I have to pay it forward somehow.
      My secret was that I always maintained a positive attitude and that helped me smile under every circumstance.
      Video games were my parallel universes, my real life friends were my adventure companions and together we shared countless experiences.

      This is my message, this is my legacy.

  8. Jim

    Hi Again Andrew. I simply had to read another of your blogs. Although this one was less of a story and more about you, It was very interesting. I can’t get over the fact that you have played some 5000 games. You are definitely my new hero. Thank you for creating this retro gaming site and for keeping these old games alive. They certainly were some great years, and great games. All the best.  Jim

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hi again Jim! Reading another comment of yours is a very pleasant surprise.
      Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about myself, I truly appreciated.
      As for the over 5000 games played, I have been counting them since the very beginning. The day I played my first video game ever, I started a diary where I would write about every new game that I got to try.
      Consider that playing my first video game ever got me grounded for one week, so I had plenty of time to brainstorm what I was going to write about.
      Believe it or not, I took the habit and never stopped… Who would have thought that one day I would blog about video games before an online audience?
      Life is so beautifully unpredictable… Speak soon Jim, I hope!

  9. aphroditeanne

    Atari!!! That was.epic back then. We thought we were hot shots with that game console. Pac Man was awesome and one set in outer space (can’t remember the name). Just reading your article has brought back memories.

    Retro hamming NEEDS to come back to life. Simple times. Kids now days cannot appreciate what they have now without being brought to the past and immersing themselves into out world back then. That would be a wonderful sit seeing a group of buddies sitting behind older generations of buddies playing retro games and watching their reactions. This article brought back so many memories that have long been forgotten.

  10. Andrew A. Post author

    Hello Anne, thanks for such a genuine comment, it truly exudes nostalgia.
    I can relate to that “hot shot” feeling. Times were changing and you were riding the evolution… Back then it was crazy to think that those strange machines were used for gaming. Some looked typewriters, some others just old radio…They were magic boxes, instead!
    As for the second part of your comment, believe it or not, I have been able to see such a magnificent scenery… My friends and me, we have arranged a lot of offline retro tournaments over the years and often have I seen people from different generations playing retro games together.
    In my small way, I am doing my best to change small portions of the world. 🙂
    Stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  11. Lynne

    I read one of your blog posts yesterday and thought I would check you out and see what you are all about 🙂 it’s awesome that you share your love of gaming and retro be with your kids! It is something you will be able to do with them even as they get to be teenagers and think you’re not cool anymore (sorry, I have teenagers and have learned the hard truth about that). How fun that your oldest wants to write for the blog! You know, he could maybe have his own tab and start writing now 🙂 kids might enjoy hearing the perspective from another kid. Nice to learn about you and look forward to reading more.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Lynne, it is so nice to hear from you again.
      Yeah, I hope I will be able to do that even with my great-grand children honestly. I know that the concrete risk of being suddenly seen as “my grumpy old man” is like a sword of Damocles over my head, but so far so good. Let us say that my secret weapon – never stop playing – is working fine. 🙂
      That said, I have a feeling I will keep my “coolest daddy in this galaxy”status, as long as I can beat both my kids(and their friends) and the games that we play. lol I will keep you posted, anyway.
      As for James (my eldest kid), yeah I was fancying doing that and we even talked about it a little… He went: “What about me having my own space?” And we agreed he might have his own tab named “james’s corner”. The fact that a parent who also happens to be one of my blog’s readers had the same idea, leads me to believe that it could work and he would have a lot of fun (which is the most important aspect). For more on James anyway, please read his interview in the “Retro Stories” section. I would be so glad if you did.
      I appreciate you taking the time to leave an another comment, please stay tuned for more Retro articles!

  12. Mariah

    I love that you play games with your children! That is awesome. I also think your website is pretty cool because I happen to think that the ‘games of yesteryear’ as you say, were a lot better than the games of today. In my opinion they were definitely more fun!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Mariah, thanks for your nice words.
      I have got a mission and comment like yours are very encouraging. So, maybe I took the right avenue… 🙂
      You know, nothing against the games of today, but in them I see realism.
      In the games of yesteryear I see dreams…

      Stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  13. cass

    Hi Andrew, as a very patient and supportive partner to a gamer with Peter Pan syndrome, I thoroughly enjoyed your take on gaming. I recall purchasing a PS1 for my children(just a few years ago) and became addicted to Crash Bandicoot while the children were at school. Love that they have remastered this:)

    I think your article is one that will conjure up memories for many and reignite their passion for revisiting their past through these retro games. 

    Thanks for a great read, and I will be returning to see what else you have up your sleeve.

    Cheers Cass

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Cass, it is great to hear from you. Kudos to you for your patience (this is what I actually say to my beloved wife every morning hehehe)! At the end of the day you do not dislike to play either, good stuff! And you know what? I LOVE Crash Bandicoot!, Part of my 1998 Summer was spent trying to beat Warped! I got 105% and every platinum relic. While the former was not that hard after all, the latter drove me crazy and I really do not know if I would do that again, today.
      I just cannot tell how many times I repeated both the “Hang’em high” and “Flaming passion” levels. A slight mistake and just could not beat the clock any longer. You had start those levels again.
      I am planning to write a Retro Story about it, just stay tuned! ?
      Thanks again for your encouraging words , looking forward to reading more of your comments!

  14. Cathy

    You sound so much like my elder brother. He’s a gaming guy and still is now as a father of 3 young kids – just like you. He was born in 1979 so I do know a bit of games like Arcade and Nintendo back at those days. Those stuff really got him hooked for hours and all the younger cousins would swarmed around him during family gathering. He was pretty much their idol! 

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Cathy, thanks for your nice comment. 🙂 Kudos to your brother for allowing you to get familiar with the gaming world!
      And yeah, I can relate to that description, I was born in 1977 and I am pretty much my nephews and kids’ hero. And the best part of it is that I do not dislike it one bit, hehehe.
      I have so many good gaming memories related to family gatherings and I am likely to start sharing them in my next retro stories!
      Stay tuned! 🙂

  15. Barry

    Hey Andrew, you must be so lucky to be blessed with such a “holy” wife 😉

    I don’t play video games anyways but I remembered playing some games with my old Symbian device using some emulators then. One of my favourite games then was “The One”.

    You remind me of those days playing Bluetooth soccer with my friends. Gaming is fun.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Barry, great to hear again from you!
      Yeah, I just cannot complain, not only is she my soulmate, but also my biggest supporter. What would I do without her? I do not really need to think about that, because fortunately she exists and is still incredibly patient, lol.
      Happy to remind you of those beautiful times, and again I am actually very glad that you keep reading my articles and leaving comments.
      Stay tuned for more Retro Stuff to come!

  16. Sujandar Mahesan

    You have a nice interesting story. I actually couldn’t stop reading about you once I started reading it. I’m not really into gaming and stuff but I really like your point of view about games. No matter how old you get you should always take sometime to give us some break from this busy life. so I think gaming can be one of a good choice.

    Thank you writing this article and sharing it.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Sujandar and thanks for stopping by.
      I appreciate you taking time to reflect on the importance of easing our minds and find a way to stay mentally and physically young.
      In this sense I am fortunate enough that I chose something I am able to share with my kids.
      Even though gaming is not your cup of tea, I hope you will keep reading my articles and giving your own take on them.
      Till Next!

  17. Tucker

    Hi Andrew! Nice to make your acquaintance. I too have found myself a beautiful woman who supports my ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome, although I’m sure the symptoms manifest differently. (I love the synopsis of that ‘syndrome’ by the way) I have moved away from video games as I have grown, but that’s mainly because the ‘modern’ games tended to lose my interest more quickly. Thanks for the reminder that we can always go back and play games from the ‘retro’ past!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Tucker, pleased to meet you and thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment.
      I am very glad for you, because I know what it means to have such a lovely life companion by our sides. Sadly – when I was younger – I also experienced the toxic side of a relationship and there is no worse thing than spending your time with someone who tries to repress your passions. Why should we change, why should we allow others to change us? When someone tries to shape our minds the way they like, then I am afraid we are just not made for them.
      That said, I will be here for long to remind you and anybody else that we can always go back to a comfort zone named “past”, where we can relieve our stress. Like I said, Retro Gaming is not only a passion to me, but it is a way of life.
      By retro playing I make sure that I never forget my bright, friendly, careless side. I would not be the person that I am today if I had lost my youth inside my past and I could not be a role model to my kids.
      Thanks again for your nice comment, please stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  18. Chrissie Spurgeon

    Hi Andrew

    I love that you still love to play games! I do too, tho nowadays I mostly play them on my phone!

    You took me right back to the days when we had our very first computer, the Spectrum ZX!! Can you remember that? You had to connect it to an old-fashioned tape recorder in order to load anything, but we loved the games on there, especially “Horace goes Ski-ing, and other Horace games, and a great game which helped children learn their number bonds, called “Number Crunch!” My family all have fond memories of those games.

    I was wondering what was the very first video game you played.

    I love the way you imagine your retro-loft as your parents’ old loft full of all the retro-games.

    Keep young and keep playing!

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Chrissie, I too love that you still love to play games! 😀 Who wants to grow old? Definitely not us!
      I do remember the Spectrum and I happened to play Horace goes Skiing a few times as a kid.
      Its initial sequence was an homage to the one and only Frogger. Horace could have gone skiing only if he had successfully crossed the road (sounds funny to write but that was it) . The actual game was sweet… So simple, so basic, so “skinny” et cetera lol, yet so fun.
      This was my first video game ever, by the way…
      I would love for you to read that and let me know what you think about it. 🙂

      Thanks again for your lovely comment, I will stay young, I will stay Retro!

  19. Fredery

    I was about to write 🙂 it looks like you are a man that really writes articles with passion and love. I don’t know why when people get older, they also get too serious towards life. Youth is inside each one of us. It is an attitude not an age. 

    I also enjoying classic, you know. Classics never die. 

    Reading your article made me feel a little nostalgic 🙁

    PD: let’s never grow up

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello fredery and thanks for your nice words.
      Neither do I actually, all I know is that you should never take yourself too seriously or you will end up being and old grumpy man before you are even actually old. 😀
      I have a serious side and I am serious when I have to. But I also have a lighter, playful one and quite frankly, the Latter sounds Better 😉
      You are right there, let us never grow up and let us keep enjoying the classics and all the beautiful things our past has to offer.
      Thanks again for stopping by and please stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  20. Nessa

    Nice to meet a fellow parent and gamer! Glad to finally find a blog that has both the heart and soul missing from most gaming sites.

    Reading this section has brought me back to my teenage years where Final Fantasy 7 and Doom ruled my life. I remember the excitement it brought me playing those games and I hope to pass that onto my own son as he grows. So far he is too into playing Roblox to share my love of retro games. Though I am hoping to get him into some of the old school Nintendo 64 games like Mario Kart to see if he loves it? Any advice on what other retro games to introduce him to?

    Maybe one day my son will be able to read exciting gaming stories from your eldest 🙂 

    I am curious, are there any genre’s of games that you and your kids specifically enjoy playing together? Are there any games that your children have introduced to you that you fell in love with?

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Nessa, I am flattered by your words… You left such a lovely comment!
      One thing my son did not mention in his interview is that he also loves to play Roblox and has recently introduced his younger brother to it (his sister has been playing Roblox for a while as well).
      To be honest with you, some of Roblox games are a bit “retrogamish”. There are even some groups where they look at the games from the 20th century, so maybe you could start from there.
      As for your questions: 1. Mario Kart is always a good choice to introduce new generations to retro gaming. There are so many versions and all of them are so good. Normally, Mario Kart young lovers like to see what the older releases look like. In one of the last tournaments I partook in, I have seen some young kids having a blast with Mario Kart Double Dash for Nintendo GameCube. Apart from MK, if your kid loves soccer, nothing is better than Sensible World of Soccer (Amiga and/or Pc). It is another game that young kids absolutely love. It is easy to play (just one button, to pass, shoot and tackle) but has a basically an endless learning curve. You will never stop discovering new things!
      I am also going to name some arcade games in random order: Bubble Bobble, Mustache Boy, Paddle Mania, Buggy Boy, Puzzle Bobble, Wonderboy in Mosterland, Super Sprint and NBA Jam. I guarantee he will be absolutely intrigued! Please note that I do not know how old your son is, so I can only suggest titles whose contents are suitable for all age groups.

      2. We specifically enjoy playing multiplayer games, so I would say the majority of them are Nintendo Titles… Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pikmin Adventure, Wii Sports (we love Wii Bowling), Wii Play et cetera.
      When there is only James and me, we dig a bit more into retro gaming and explore RPG like the Final Fantasy/Suikoden/Zelda series (PlayStation and Nintendo), platforms like Crash Bandicoot or Conker (PlayStation and Nintendo), soccer games like like Swos and Football Kingdom (PlayStation 2) or Sports games like Track and field (Arcade), Virtua Tennis 2 (DreamCast) or NHL’94 (Super NES).

      3. Yes, absolutely! Trials for Xbox 360 is the first game that comes to my mind. Viewtiful Joe for GameCube is another example.

      I am so grateful for your comment, please stay tuned for more Retro Stories and please know that an exciting gaming story from my eldest is closer than you think! 😉

  21. Emmanuel Buysse

    I am happy that I found your site Andrew. I love retro games, and I am like the way you describe and bring them back.

    I grew up with the Gameboy and Mario bros, how good were those games, and honestly, I miss them. 

    The games they make now are very good when it comes to graphics, but it doesn’t bring back the times you play with the whole family, like the arcade. 

    Awesome times, and I think you agree with me, right? 

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Emmanuel, thanks again for dropping by.
      Oh well, it is more than agreeing, it is striving to keep the old good times alive.
      But I am glad because the reaction has been beautifully unexpected so far. People liked my concept and it is great to see recurring readers who take time to leave some comments.
      Like I said in another comment, today’s games are great (who am I to say they are not), but they are mainly about realism. Yesterday’s games made us dream, instead.
      Thanks again for your comment and I hope you will keep on reading my Retro Stories!

  22. Dale

    This brings back a lot of memories playing games with my kids when they were younger. Honestly I have tried some of the new gaming platforms and to me they are either too difficult or I am not patient enough to learn.

    I remember Pacman, Galaxia and anything Tiger Woods.

    Thank you for a great article to help remind me how to go back to when gaming was fun for me.


    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Dale, thanks for your nice comment. 🙂
      I can understand you… Even though I can proficiently play new games, they have changed so much. Once all you needed was your heart and your head, today you need many technical skills. I agree with those who say it is not a job and it should only be carefree fun.
      I have also stopped playing some technically excellent new games because they required too much time and all in all I think that is why my heart is lost somewhere in the past… 😉
      Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you will stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  23. stefan

    I will tell you the truth, when I was in the age of gaming there was no such thing as computer games. We started with flipper 🙂

    A little bit later the first pac-man machines came up in our favorite place, restaurant where we used to game. I was never too good in that because I already got used to the practice of flipper which I still love to play.

    Today I love table football and when my daughter plays games I like to watch her but I’ll never compete with her because I have no chance to win 🙂

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Stefan, thanks for stopping by again.
      Well, although my main retro interest is video games, it does not take away the I like playing Pinball, table football and table tennis.
      To say it best, I like anything that is fun. 😉
      When I was in the age of gaming, the above mentioned pinballs were starting to be a bit overlooked (video games stole the show), but I have appreciated them.
      My father basically grew up playing pinball and table football and he would tell me many stories about it… Pinball is just the forefather of video games. You know what, you gave me an idea: I will ask my father to write a Retro Story about pinballs!
      As for your our kids, fortunately in some games I can still make a statement when playing James, but man, he is impressive! Maybe we should let them play Pinball and see next… 😉
      Thanks again for stopping by, until next Retro Article!

  24. John

    Thanks Andrew,  You have brought back many wonderful memories of my own too (Child of the 70’s and 80’s) with Space Invaders, Galaga etc.  It’s awesome that you have been able to keep enjoying your passion of gaming and the carefree nostalgia that goes with it.  I love it that you can still enjoy this with your 3 children.  Sounds fantastic that you can continue the legacy with them.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello John and thanks for your nice comment.
      Glad to bring back wonderful memories, this is actually my goal and you know what? Comments like yours fuel my motivation!
      That said, the best is yet to come, I plan on writing so many stories and have so many ideas to make this virtual loft more and more cozy 😉 And yes, it is absolutely great that my kids are my biggest fans!
      Thanks again for stopping by and please stay tuned, I am sure you will appreciate my future initiatives!

  25. GeeEss

    Hi Andrew. I love the way you say unabashedly that you love retrogaming and you hate to grow up. Don’t we all have the same feelings? At least I do. I love retrogaming. I loved the way you interviewed your favourite retrogamer, you son James. I remember when I used to play video games I used to play non-stop! I got addicted and used to forget eating, sleeping and used to get real thrashing from my parents. It was so much fun. I have book marked your site to go back to those days again. 

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Helo Gee thanks for dropping by again, I am so glad you took time to read and comment on another article.
      I can feel your support and it is really motivating! Yeah I kept those very same memories in my heart for a long time, until I finally decided to let them out.
      When I read comments like yours, I feel like I am talking to a bunch of real friends, so now and again thank you very much for connecting with me and please stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  26. John

    Hi Andrew. Thanks for sharing your story. I think the concept of this website is a great idea. Growing up as a kids I loved playing video games. Now my son is right into them too. Believe it or not he wants to get a SNES for Christmas to play all the retro games I used to play on my friends SNES as a kid. I can’t believe they are selling these again, preloaded with about 100 of the old SNES games. Looks like there is going to be more fun times ahead this Christmas!

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello John, thanks so much for stopping by!
      I am glad you too successfully passed on your legacy to your son and it is amazing he wants a SNES for Christmas. Looks like it is his way to thank you for that! Good stuff!
      It would be great if you showed him my website, I would love to hear from him too.
      Thanks again for your nice comment and please stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  27. Paul

    Dear Andrew,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your story and indeed you walked me to my heydays.

    In the walk of life I stopped playing games and when I am young I often use to say I will continue playing even if I am aged. Your story gave me new insights and motivation thanks a lot.

    “passing on a legacy” hit me on my head and made me to think a lot.

    In working for a living we forgot to live… Thanks for the reminder to live, laugh, play and enjoy!

    I need to contact my gaming friend back it’s been years… He is the one who introduced me to the video gaming and having a wide range of video games.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hey Paul this a very lovely comment, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      You even intend to reconnect with your retro gaming friend and reignite your old common passion… That is amazing my friend, I have goosebumps. Well, to keep our gaming past alive is just the purpose of my website, but to read something like that really has an impact on me. What can I say, please let me know how it goes… I hope to hear from you again soon and please stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  28. Sylvia

    I love the name “Retrogamingloft” it sounds not only true but exciting as well.

    I am way older than you but I still can remember that one of my first “TV” played games, at a friend’s house, was a tennis match.

    Sorry, i can’t remember who had created that game but for us as youngsters in the mid 70s  it was a hit. the game was not much of a visual thing, but we all were excited and waited for our turn.

    I think you are doing an awesome job connecting people to their past and when times were a bit easier as they are now.

    You have to keep your inner child awake and you are just doing this with your website.

    Thanks for sharing I really do love it and, I will keep looking what you will share in the future. 🙂

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Sylvia and thanks for dropping by again.
      Your kind words motivate me a lot, I encourage any of my readers to share their gaming memories in order to keep them alive. Little by little we are building a virtual museum where everybody can come at anytime, lose themselves and walk away with a smile on their faces. To be honest, that happens to me overtime I read comment like yours. 😉 I will do my best to keep on entertaining you all, stay tuned for more Retro Stories!

  29. Henry

    Hi Andrew! I have felt the same way when I play a game I played 25 – 28 years ago. They bring back so many memories. I’m in my early 30’s now and games have come a long way since I started playing. I enjoy both: the old ones and the ones that are launched today. But I also enjoy going through the memories the old games evoke. Thank you very much for putting this site together. I’ll visit you here quite often. 

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Henry and thanks for stopping by again.
      i appreciate your kind words and I am glad to hear we are like minded. You are more than welcome, it will be a pleasure to share our gaming memories with each other. Thanks again for leaving such a nice comment and for your encouragement!

  30. Solomon

    My older brother plays lots of Retro games on our PS4, but I never really saw the point until now. Thank you for teaching us to reconnect with out past and to make ourselves feel young again in all circumstances. It was a blast reading this, and I hope to read more from you in the future days .. Thank you.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hey Solomon this is such a great comment, you cannot even imagine how much joy you just brought me … You look very young and reading that I got you engaged and made you see things in a different way just made my day!
      So glad to hear that you are going to stay tuned, I will do my best to keep on entertaining you!

  31. Raymond Lepkowicz

    Hey Andrew, I have come back to read another article. Very interesting – “retrogamingloft”.  Two of my grandsons are into gaming but they are into the latest and greatest new arrivals.  I remember the games of the past even before the computer generation.  Some of them were a lot of fun.  

    It would be neat to be able to play some of those games again, I imagine you have still a lot of stories to share with everyone.

    It will be interesting to follow some of your new posts and I hope that maybe I can share this site with my grandsons.  

    Thanks again for you site, it seems it would be a welcome addition to the gaming scene, perhaps it will help others connect with some of the great times of the past.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Raymond, I am so glad that you have come back! Well yes, I have a lot of Retro stories to share and I cannot wait to tell them all… As for playing some of those games again, there are a lot of retro console remakes have been released in the last couple of years and you can easily find them on Amazon. Same goes if you wish to play some arcade games again… You can choose between real cabinets and device – featuring hundreds of arcade games – that you can connect to your own tv.
      Thanks again for your nice comment, I truly hope you will keep coming for more Retro Stories!

  32. Cathy Cavarzan

    Just reading your about page brought back a flood of memories from my youth. Can not wait to read the rest of your site. Growing up my father put in a game room with a billards table and four differnet arcade pinball machines. It was AWESOME to say the least. I had not thought about it till now so thank you for the buried memories.

    1. Andrew A. Post author

      Hello Cathy and thanks for your nice comment. I am so glad to hear that and hey kudos to your dad, wow he is my new hero! Bringing back good memories is one of my main goals and when this happens I am motivated to share more and more memories… Thanks again for stopping by, I will do my best to keep on entertaining you!

  33. Euphrasia

    I get you, playing and having fun should not end because one is getting older.  Fun is good for the soul, I love gaming, I just hope that I will be having enough time to indulge in it. We need to connect to our youthful side the more we feel it, the better we will be in performance and energy.

  34. Andrew A. Post author

    Hello Euphrasia, I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment. Correct, we need to keep doing the things we love and bring us joy. This is the only way to keep a positive attitude in life. I see no reason why one should stop having fun and let the negativity set in… The day I stopped playing and having fun, I would instantly grow old and grumpy and would no longer be a role model to my kids.
    Thanks again for your nice comment, I hope you will stay tuned for more Retro Stories!


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